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5 Critical Mistakes Men Make That Cause Them to Lose Money and be Financially Stressed!

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

5. Not Learning To Say “No”! - How this simple choice causes men to lose money and be financially stressed!

“No” is the most important word when it comes to buying things and spending money. There are so many things to buy the question shouldn’t be which ones to buy, but which ones not to buy.

The real key here is forming new habits. Discipline is critical to successfully being able to break old habits and form new ones. This takes time, but it’s a 2 in 1 opportunity! You see each time you say no you will be breaking the old habit of saying yes and creating the new habit at the same time. And of course when you say “no”, it’s very hard to lose money and be financially stressed!

An added bonus is that this skill transfers to every other part of your life!

So how do you start saying no more? Practice makes perfect, just like working out you need to exercise the NO muscle so it gets bigger and stronger! Start with something easy and start saying “no” to it. The more you say “no” the easier it will be to say “no” again and to the bigger harder things in life!


4. Using Money For Popularity or Prestige ! - How this action causes men to lose money and be financially stressed!

Spending your money to get attention, to have women and to have more friends in your life will not only drain your bank account quickly, cause you to lose money and be financially stressed but it will also prevent real relationships from developing. It’s a never ending cycle because once you give something to someone they will not only want more but they will come to expect it. Furthermore, when a person hears you are buying gifts for other people, they will naturally expect the same.

Do not fool yourself into thinking it is just a way to meet new people who will become genuine friends after getting to know you, those type of people will not be attracted in the first place. This will always leave you unsatisfied because it does not go to the core of the issue; having real connections with quality people and secondly, liking who you are regardless of what others think of you or feel about you.

So what do you do?  Before you make an expenditure, think about why you are doing it, is it for you, or for someone else? Only you can answer those questions but first you have to ask them first! Then you will find out who your real friends are!


3. Choosing Not To Be Content! - How this mindset causes men to lose money and be financially stressed!

You can be content with very little and you can be discontent with very much! How is that many people in 3rd world countries are often happier than we are here in a rich and free nation such as Canada. It certainly isn’t their possessions that are making them happy. The point here is that there is really no link between happiness and your possessions expect for meeting your most basic needs. That is why people can choose to be unhappy no matter what they have and never have enough and hence lose money and be financially stressed!

There is nothing wrong with wanting more than what you already have, wanting more is not the same as being content with what you already have. Being content just means deciding to be ok with where you are right now at this moment!

So how do you do this so that you are not losing money and being financially stressed? First you have to believe that happiness is not tied to your possessions. Next, it’s all about perspective. You get to decide how you view what you already have and if you will be thankful for it. Think about and list everything you have and all the benefits it gives you! Then compare this to how much most others around the world have!


2. Defining Yourself by Your Possessions – How this view causes men to lose money and be financially stressed!

Defining yourself by your possession means linking your worth, value and self esteem to what you own. This is dangerous to do and it makes absolutely no sense! When you define yourself by your possessions you put yourself in a position that forces you to spend money on way more possessions than you need because it is no longer about what you need, in fact it is no longer about what you even want, it becomes what society deems as important.

The truth is your possessions don’t really say anything about you and your real value beyond a surface level knowledge of your interests. To bolster your self worth and value by your possessions makes no sense because they cannot reflect who you really are, your strengths, your personality, your values, your character and your dreams. Those things cannot be conveyed by your possessions and they certainly do not change because of what your possessions! Would you rather be known by your possessions or by the unique combination of values, strengths and personality that only you have?

So how do you change this? Discover who you are; your strengths, your personality, your values, your character and your dreams. Create a list of these things and read them out and remind yourself of them everyday! Post it somewhere you will see it often as well! The more you do it the more you will change your old definition and create a new strong and healthy one while simultaneously destroying the old definition!


1. Not Knowing Where You Are Going! – How this lack of clarity causes men to lose money and be financially stressed!

This means not having a specifically goal you are targeting. It also means not checking in to see where you are in regards to that goal!

If you don’t know where you are going how will you ever get there? You will of course end up somewhere, just probably not where you want to be.

Create goal and be specific! You need to have something to focus on, a goal to achieve that will help you say “no” in those times you want to buy something very badly. Having something concrete instead of something vague helps a lot! Visions of having more and spending less are very indefinable and immeasurable and relative not absolute. Goals on the other hand are specific, tangible and measurable!  When you have a specific target then you can start determining specifically what you need to do to get there and whether or not you are close to that goal as long as you track it! And added bonus is that the more you track your position relative to your goal the more you will realize how much you are spending, which will not only open up your eyes but help you not to spend!


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