3 Common Mistakes That Deny Men Freedom, Excitement and Adventure!

Mistake #3: Not Planning Your Fun – This means not taking the time to solely focus on how you are going to have fun. Take the time to create an adventure and live life to the fullest!

Why – What do you do if you want to do well at anything? You try hard, put the effort into it and take the time to do it right! If you do this. It maximizes your chances of having fun as opposed to hoping you have fun, hoping something comes up, hoping someone else has an idea of some kind. By letting chance dictate your fun, chances are it you won’t have much!

How - This means scheduling it, just like you’d schedule anything important to you, like a meeting with a client. Explore, you’ll never know what you will find when exploring. Researching it is important too, know what your options are, know how to avoid mistakes!












Mistake #2 a: Playing It Safe! Playing it safe means not being willing to risk anything. It means not willing to make a mistake. It means having to know everything.

When you start playing it safe it’s safe to say you stopped living with passion! Their is a healthy amount of fear known as exhilaration when you take risks! The unknown isn’t a negative thing and all things being equal a surprise makes things much more interesting and adds great value. Enjoy the Unknown

How – Realize what you are missing out on! When we fear what is negative more than we want what is positive this usually leads to inaction. It also means we are missing out on what we are not willing to act for. You may not get something you try for, but you will never get what you don’t try for.


Mistake #2b: Not Mixing It Up – This means not having any varietyand rather doing it the same way over and over again. It usually means trying to be as efficient as possible by not being willing to introduce anything new.

The truth is, we need it, variety is actually one of our 6 needs. Change and surprise helps to balance out the regular mundane repetition of our lives which is what happens when we try to control things too much. Having this change and contrast to everyday life helps us feel alive!

How – Force it if you have to! Go out of your way to do things differently just for the sake of doing it differently.









Mistake # 1.  Not Disappointing Others – Always saying yes to another request means never saying no to the requests of others, specifically those “important “ people.

When you don’t say no to doing things and you over commit and you leave no time to be spontaneous. You hand cuff yourself and take away your own freedom. But the sad thing is, you do it to yourself! You see you are as free as you want to be, but often the choices we make put us in places we don’t want to be. All work and no play will make any man’s life very dull. Everything in life needs fuel and men are no exception! Having fun, excitement and adventure are fuels that men require! Work to truly live, don’t live to work!

How – The great thing is that it’s never too late to change because you still have a choice. Your position is reversible, but you have to be willing to say a two letter word called no. Slowly this change will take effect. This may take people by surprise at first, but the great benefit is they will also respect you more!

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