-I.C.F. Certified Professional Coach

-B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria

-B.A. degree in Business from the University of Victoria

-5 months of training through 5 courses by industry leader CTI ® 





"Shane improved my strengths, my confidence and the decisions I make!" - Kevin Clark (Owner of Dev Edge Internet Marketing)


"Shane has increased my clarity and improved my ability to achieve my goals by strengthening my focus and revealing my limiting self-beliefs. Furthermore, even though I am ridiculously busy I am less stressed than ever!" - Dr. Michael Maxwell (Total Body Chiropractic)


"You are very talented and far exceeded my expectations!" - Dr. David Johnson (Dentist at Radius and Academy Dental)


"Shane kept giving such great value I couldn't quit!” - Russ Sheriff (Owner and Operator of Victoria Carpet Care)


"Shane can bring great value to any one's career and personal life, so give him a try, you won't be disappointed!" - Anthony Nielsen (Sales Associate at Urban Barn)

Workshops, Seminars & Presentations


"You're a natural, I mean you're good, really good!" - Cindy Garner of Jones Co Real Estate after a presentation for BNI in front of nearly 40 businessmen and owners at Gorge Vale Golf Course.

"This is exactly what my fellow financial advisors need to hear!" - Bobby Vu of Sunlife Financial on the 1 hour leadership seminar at the June 2012 Victoria wide Toastmasters Leadership Conference.

"You started here (hand to at chest level) and ended up here (raising his hand over his head), we definitely want you back again" - Ash Peters of Glad Tidings Church after Stengths Seminar in Nov 2011

“I’ve gotten great feedback Shane, one lady said she only caught the last 15 minutes but for $10 it was still well worth it!” - Lorraine Henderson, organizer of the the June 2012 Victoria wide Toastmasters Leadership Conference

"With your confidence and charisma you take command of the room!" - Dr. Maxwell of Total Body Chiropractic

"I believe this is your calling" - Dr. David Johnson; Dentist at Radius Dental and Academy Dental




It was during my 2nd semester in the Business program at the University of Victoria when my life took a new turn! Four of my new classmates and now team members whom I'd never met before and who had never heard me speak excitedly greeted me by saying "We heard you're very good at presentations!". It was then that it dawned on me that word had spread to them from a presentation I had given to an entirely different class during an entirely different semester! It was also in that inspirational moment when I realized I now had a great opportunity to capitalize on untapped potential public speaking ability. I have never looked back since! 

Through out 2004 I shared my life story many times while conducting humanitarian work in Tonga and Fiji through YWAM, culminating in a presentation in front of over 600 people with only a few minutes notice!

In Canada, I opened a Victoria wide Toastmasters event in June of 2012 with a 1 hour leadership seminar prior to the headline speaker who was a former Toastmasters national champion.

My experience also includes conducting a 4 hour StrengthsFinder and Team Building seminar/workshop on skill discovery and improvement for Glad Tidings Church in November of 2011 for their interns.

During that time I've been asked to speak for a variety of other organizations including a WHL hockey team, Sunlife Financial and BC Human Resources Association.




As a executive/life coach I offer a variety of seminars,  presentations and "lunch and learns" that are related to motivation, personal growth/development and performance maximization for everyone! 

Current seminar topics I offer include:

- Leadership: Lead with Strength not Imitation

- Performance: Know and Use Your Strengths

- Motivation: Who Are You Really?

I am constantly creating new seminars and I am open to requests for custom seminars and presentations that fit you and your company's needs and desires, so don't hesitate to let me know what you're thinking!

If you'd like to contact me regarding a speaking engagement use the form on the left side of the web page, contact via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or phone me (250.889.0988) me today!