-I.C.F. Certified Professional Coach

-B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria

-B.A. degree in Business from the University of Victoria

-5 months of training through 5 courses by industry leader CTI ® 





"Shane improved my strengths, my confidence and the decisions I make!" - Kevin Clark (Owner of Dev Edge Internet Marketing)


"Shane has increased my clarity and improved my ability to achieve my goals by strengthening my focus and revealing my limiting self-beliefs. Furthermore, even though I am ridiculously busy I am less stressed than ever!" - Dr. Michael Maxwell (Total Body Chiropractic)


"You are very talented and far exceeded my expectations!" - Dr. David Johnson (Dentist at Radius and Academy Dental)


"Shane kept giving such great value I couldn't quit!” - Russ Sheriff (Owner and Operator of Victoria Carpet Care)


"Shane can bring great value to any one's career and personal life, so give him a try, you won't be disappointed!" - Anthony Nielsen (Sales Associate at Urban Barn)

Shane Johnson's Credentials


"Shane sets himself apart and maximizes his effect by providing an innovative edge to his techniques." - T. Nielsen


As a fully certified professional coach my training includes over 5 months of teaching and guidance through 5 separate courses in CTI®’s ground-breaking Co-Active Life Coaching® program, recognized as the most dynamic in the life coaching industry. Additionally, I have taken and completed a separate further 6 month certification program culminating in I.C.F. certification as a fully certified professional coach.





CTI® has the largest number of certified life coaches globally; in the last 15 years they have trained over 20,000 life coaches and today they train more new life coaches each year than any other training program in existence. CTI® also has the first ever International Coaching Federation accredited training program, the most widely used textbook for life coach training today. Furthermore, the founders' involvement with the International Coaching Federation has resulted in a significant influence on the life coaching industry’s practices and standards! 



Degree in psychology from the University of VictoriaB.A. DEGREE IN PSYCHOLOGY

I've been educated in a wide diversity of fields from the psychology department at the University of Victoria including social psychology, adolescent development, adult development and aging, behavioral psychology, cognitive psychology and neural psychology. This enables me to better understand you, your situation as well as your challenges and goals. Additionally I’m able to draw upon this knowledge to provide the most appropriate answers for the issues in your life and communicate them to you in an effective manner.  




My degree in Business/Commerce has helped hone my intellectual and problem solving abilities by building upon my already strong foundation of logic. These skills are critical to providing you with practical and useful solutions that are readily and easily applied to your real world challenges and responsibilities whether you are an business owner, a CEO, an executive, a manager or a professional.

This education also enables me to better understand the structure and functions of corporate divisions such as marketing, accounting, human resources, operations management, costumer support, research & tech and more. This knowledge of organizations in turn helps me coach my clients to higher levels of success!




Trained by Brian Schubring of Leader Vision Consulting, I use Strengths Finder 2.0 to assist CEO's, executives, managers, business owners and professionals in identifying and using their unique strengths.

Knowing your key strengths, using them and growing them is a monumental factor in going from good to great and ultimately determining how much success you will have in your career and life! The reason for this is simple and straightforward; if you know your strengths you are able to intentionally use them, if you are using your strengths you will have a greater chance of succeeding, if you are succeeding this gives you more confidence in yourself and helps you enjoy what you are doing! Of course lastly, improving your strengths only makes you even more likely to achieve this!





DISC Behavioural/Personality Assessment Tool - Trained by Roger Reece of DISC Training Workshops, I utilize the DISC assessment tool to help individuals better understand their behaviour, the behaviour of others and the interactions that take place between them. The purpose of this is to improve communication, motivation and the quality of relationships at work. 

DISC also sheds light on the power and limitations of particular personalities and behaviour styles. This is particularly applicable to both the relationships we engage in everyday as well as our career choices. By knowing your behavioural and personality profile more fully, you can gain greater clarity, set a better direction and choose the right goals for your life!







Make an investment into your life and your future right now and call Shane at 250-889-0988 or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Serving Victoria and Vancouver B.C. Canada.