-I.C.F. Certified Professional Coach

-B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria

-B.A. degree in Business from the University of Victoria

-5 months of training through 5 courses by industry leader CTI ® 





"Shane improved my strengths, my confidence and the decisions I make!" - Kevin Clark (Owner of Dev Edge Internet Marketing)


"Shane has increased my clarity and improved my ability to achieve my goals by strengthening my focus and revealing my limiting self-beliefs. Furthermore, even though I am ridiculously busy I am less stressed than ever!" - Dr. Michael Maxwell (Total Body Chiropractic)


"You are very talented and far exceeded my expectations!" - Dr. David Johnson (Dentist at Radius and Academy Dental)


"Shane kept giving such great value I couldn't quit!” - Russ Sheriff (Owner and Operator of Victoria Carpet Care)


"Shane can bring great value to any one's career and personal life, so give him a try, you won't be disappointed!" - Anthony Nielsen (Sales Associate at Urban Barn)

Volunteer & Humanitarian Work



humanitarian aid work in mexico


For me there is little in life more exciting and fulfilling than having the honor and privilege of contributing to another individual and helping them along their life journey towards a better and healthier destination. 

Though it has been far from easy and I am far from done, I've enjoyed the time I've spent doing humanitarian aid in the slums of Fiji and Tonga with the poorest of the poor and building houses in the most desolate regions of Mexico for those who need shelter most! As always, the need is still strong and I look forward to my future role in Thailand and Cambodia working hand in hand with Hope For The Nations!




My quest to make a difference in the lives of others also applies to those here in Victoria B.C. In 2009 I spent time with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters organization as a Big Brother for a young boy who had lost his father. Though I have taken a break from actively volunteering with the Big Brothers organization I am looking forward to rejoining and contributing again soon!

I have also spent time a group leader and mentor for Grade 11 and 12 boys at a weekly church run youth program called CRAVE. During this time I was able to lead group discussions around important life topics for these young men and help speak into their lives. In addition to these weekly meetings I was able to take some the boys out for one on one breakfast and lunches for more in depth and personal conversations while also organizing group events such as video game nights and paintball days.