-I.C.F. Certified Professional Coach

-B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria

-B.A. degree in Business from the University of Victoria

-5 months of training through 5 courses by industry leader CTI ® 





"Shane improved my strengths, my confidence and the decisions I make!" - Kevin Clark (Owner of Dev Edge Internet Marketing)


"Shane has increased my clarity and improved my ability to achieve my goals by strengthening my focus and revealing my limiting self-beliefs. Furthermore, even though I am ridiculously busy I am less stressed than ever!" - Dr. Michael Maxwell (Total Body Chiropractic)


"You are very talented and far exceeded my expectations!" - Dr. David Johnson (Dentist at Radius and Academy Dental)


"Shane kept giving such great value I couldn't quit!” - Russ Sheriff (Owner and Operator of Victoria Carpet Care)


"Shane can bring great value to any one's career and personal life, so give him a try, you won't be disappointed!" - Anthony Nielsen (Sales Associate at Urban Barn)

Physical Health & Fitness



REACHING MY GOALSshane at the beach

Being physically healthy, fit and strong are important to me because of what they enable me to do in life; work hard, have more energy and perform at my peak so that I can accomplish the goals I want to achieve for myself and others. 

Since hard work, effort and tenacity are some of my core values, being physically healthy, fit and strong play a critical role in enabling me to use those strengths.







STAYING PHYSICALLY  HEALTHY, FIT & STRONGshane johnson physically fit from coaching

Being physically healthy is a way of life for me! However, to stay physically fit and strong I specifically engage in a variety of different physical exercises that include: boxing/sparring, basketball, volley ball, cardio-combat classes and weight lifting.

When I want something I go after it with everything I have; all of my heart, passion, intelligence, wisdom, effort and energy! There is nothing like the satisfaction of reaching a goal and accomplishing an objective! 

The same goes for helping others reach their dreams and obtain what they desire! You could say helping others over come their challenges and reach their goals comes naturally to me!