-I.C.F. Certified Professional Coach

-B.A. degree in Psychology from the University of Victoria

-B.A. degree in Business from the University of Victoria

-5 months of training through 5 courses by industry leader CTI ® 





"Shane improved my strengths, my confidence and the decisions I make!" - Kevin Clark (Owner of Dev Edge Internet Marketing)


"Shane has increased my clarity and improved my ability to achieve my goals by strengthening my focus and revealing my limiting self-beliefs. Furthermore, even though I am ridiculously busy I am less stressed than ever!" - Dr. Michael Maxwell (Total Body Chiropractic)


"You are very talented and far exceeded my expectations!" - Dr. David Johnson (Dentist at Radius and Academy Dental)


"Shane kept giving such great value I couldn't quit!” - Russ Sheriff (Owner and Operator of Victoria Carpet Care)


"Shane can bring great value to any one's career and personal life, so give him a try, you won't be disappointed!" - Anthony Nielsen (Sales Associate at Urban Barn)

FAQ's About Executive/Life Coaching For Men



shutterstock_61463185WHAT ARE SOME OF THE TOOLS YOU USE?

1) Motivation Tools -  Your Future Self / Inner Journey, Life Purpose Statement, Peak Experience Value Mining, Value Visioning

2) Assessment Tools- StrenthsFinder 2.0, DISC Personality and Behavioural Assessment

3) Direction/Focus Tools - The Wheel of Life, the Deeper Thinking Life Questionnaire, Life Visioning

4) Goal Setting & Achieving Tools - S.M.A.R.T. Accountability, Visioning and Daily Habits



WHY COMBINE EXECUTIVE & LIFE COACHING?puzzle missing piece in coaching

A executive/life coach looks at your both your business life and personal life as a whole, the individual aspects that comprise them and how they relate to and interact with each other. By comparison, a specialist or consultant will tend to focus only on one area of your business life or your personal life.  

However, the reality is no one aspect of life ever stands completely separated and isolated from the other areas of our life, they are all interrelated and connected.  In coaching it often turns out that a challenge or goal isn't what it initially appears to be and sometimes stems from another area of your life altogether. The only way to find out is to be willing to take a look at the bigger picture and all of the pieces that comprise it! This is a huge advantage to combining executive and life coaching together instead of just using one!




Executive/life coaching over the telephone works the same way coaching does in person; utilizing identical tools, exercises, process and framework!

The primary reason to have coaching over the phone is convenience; you can have coaching from the comfort of your own home or if you're busy working hard and staying late in the office you can save travel time and costs by simply using the phone. 

The main difference between coaching over the telephone and coaching in person centres around the verbal audio cues that the coach reads and observes while coaching. When coaching over the phone a coach heightens his audio senses and relies more heavily on the verbal cues his client gives out.




Once we're done you will be able to! However, most businessmen, executives and professionals are where they are regarding their challenges and goals because they have gone as far as they can currently take themselves. Here are a few factors to consider...

1) First and foremost you are not a highly trained professional that has experience coaching others.

2) You are emotionally involved, as a coach, I am not. This let's me see things more clearly and accurately.

3)You are in the middle of “it”, where as a coach, I am on the outside and can see the bigger picture.

4) You have built certain perspectives and beliefs that can act as a weak link in chain, a poor foundation and an obstacle in path you are on. It’s often hard to see this when this is all you've ever known. That is, when you are used to the way things are, after all they have been that way for much if not all of your life. 

5) You don’t know what you don’t know. Many realizations about what an individual doesn't know occurs during life coaching. In that regard executive/life coaching is a very eye opening experience.

6) With out coaching you are missing out on the power of two people and the synergy they generate between them. Two minds are better than one!



group of businessmen in need of coachingHOW IS 1 ON 1 COACHING DIFFERENT FROM GROUP COACHING? 

1) In 1 on 1 executive/life coaching we focus specifically on you and your challenges and goals, which means it is a much more in-depth process and high quality process!

2) In 1 on 1 executive/life coaching you are able to be more open because you don’t have a number of other people around you listening and watching. In other words, you can just be you without worrying about judgements or assumptions!

3) Executive/life coaching is customized to best suit you and you alone because we don’t have to worry about everyone or anyone elses preferences or styles or their needs and wants.




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